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Before we prescribe a mortgage strategy, we inquire about your goals and current financial situation.

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Most home buyers believe that the best mortgage is the one with the lowest interest rate and largest down payment possible.

FACT: the interest rate on your loan has very little impact on your future financial freedom.

Ultimately, the best loan strategy is the loan with the lowest overall cost and the greatest effect on your overall wealth.

The Discovery Consultation is where we learn about you, your financial situation, and your financial goals.

During this initial consultation, we will ask you questions like:

Mortgage Consultation
  • Will you have enough liquid savings after your down payment and closing costs to protect you in case of a temporary loss of job or to cover an unexpected housing expense?
  • Are you actively contributing to your retirement account, HSA, 529 college savings account, and generally on track with your retirement plan?
  • What high-payment or high interest debts do you have besides your mortgage?
  • At what age do you want to be mortgage-free?
  • What other financial goals do you have beyond the purchase of this home and your eventual retirement?
  • Do you need help with financial literacy and building a financial-freedom plan?

Analyzing your current financial situation and long-term goals before prescribing you a loan product will maximize your wealth and set you up for a FAST and SUCCESSFUL homebuying experience.

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We truly appreciate the opportunity to work with you on such an important financial transaction in your life and look forward to exceeding your expectations!