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Losing out on a home due to a multiple-offer situation is exhausting and demoralizing.

Today’s real estate market is more competitive than anytime in history. To achieve your dream of owning a home, our job is to position you as the most prepared home buyer in the market.

A typical mortgage strategy simply won’t work in today’s competitive real estate market.

You need to be more prepared than any other buyer so you can move faster than the competition.


1. Pre-Underwriting

Before you even begin shopping for a home, we gather all necessary documentation and submit your loan for underwriting review.

This allows us to identify any issues upfront. Once you’ve received a pre-approval from NEO Home Loans, you can be confident your financing is solid and you can shop for a home without the stress.

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2. Submission

Once your home offer has been accepted, we submit your loan for final underwriting right away.

Since your loan has already been pre-underwritten and essentially approved, we can get you to the closing table in as little as 7 days.

Final Approval

3. Final Approval

Automated updates that go out through BNTouch.

We stay in constant communication with you and your Realtor throughout the loan process. As we near final underwriting approval, we help coordinate your closing for a low-stress and flawless home buying experience.

Final Approval
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4. Closing

Our goal is to provide you with the final documents and cash needed for closing at least 48 hours prior to your home loan settlement.

Working together with your Realtor and your closing agent, we will ensure you have all the information you need for a smooth settlement.

Your future financial freedom is at stake.

Our job is to ensure you get there.

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