Reports to: Regional Operations Manager

Employment Status: Full-Time

Location: Remote or in-office

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Salary: DOE

The Problem

Unfortunately, too many mortgage corporations operate under the “MUSHROOM MORTGAGE” approach – they keep their employees in the dark and expect them to grow.

Mortgage executives and the companies they run seldom value people over the bottom line. Their lack of transparency and authenticity ultimately leads to a complete loss of trust from their teammates.

To commoditize a human being, make them feel incapable of making good decisions, and force them to work in a relationship void of support, honesty, and a path forward is just plain WRONG.

NEO Home Loans Is Different

NEO Home Loans is the new expectation of what a mortgage company should be. We’ve worked for companies with no integrity, where we were managed to the lowest common denominator, and we know what it feels like when corporations do not seek input from their teammates.

It’s our ethos to foster open and honest communication.  We treat our teammates as adults and provide responsible autonomy for them to make good decisions and further their careers.  We believe you should always be cultivating new skills and growing toward your ultimate potential.

Our Recruiting Process

We believe in hiring exceptional people above all else. Here’s our process.

  1. We seek individuals who we believe will align with our culture and who possess the skills necessary to succeed
  2. We conduct peer panel interviews where we get to know your story and learn about your goals
  3. You meet with leadership to hear the NEO Home Loans vision and process for creating successful homeowners
  4. You review our compensation plan, which is designed to naturally scale with market fluctuations

Job Summary:

This is position is for a post-closing analyst. This position is responsible for handling post-closing mortgage loan document verification, validating system data entry as compared to mortgage loan documents, and conducting follow-up document tracking with other departments and title companies.

Job Functions

  • Receive audit reports from third party auditor or from internal pre-funding
  • Transmit audit exception results to applicable individuals for review and response
  • Communicate effectively with applicable department managers regarding exceptions
  • Track audit exception responses and dispute exceptions with auditor when applicable
  • Evaluate and document the general quality of loans originated by the company by conducting an analysis of audit results
  • Ensure documentation is appropriate to support credit decision
  • Evaluate closing documents and collateral package for compliance
  • Ensure production complies with company’s policies/procedures; investor requirements; state/federal regulations; and insurer/guarantor requirements
  • Generate a monthly report providing a detailed analysis of audit results, response, and recommended corrective action

Required Experience and Skills

  • Experience in retail residential mortgage banking and QC/post-closing is required
  • Knowledge of applicable federal regulations and state laws a plus
  • Ability to prioritize and decipher policies, programs, and guidelines
  • Strong attention to detail, organizational and communication skills
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks, take on new responsibilities, and prioritize work in a deadline-intensive environment
  • Strong interpersonal and teamwork skills and ability to influence through collaboration
  • Self-motivated, high level of personal energy and commitment
  • Problem-solving skills as well as flexibility and adaptability are of key importance

Physical Environment:

  • In-office and remote positions available

The NEO Difference

Making the decision to join our team means you are joining a tribe that will encourage you to grow, push your own personal boundaries, and ultimately a team that will have gratitude for your contributions.

Life is short.  We want to be the long-term career solution and not the short-term fix that will ultimately leave you disheartened and dissatisfied. We look forward to helping you grow!

Join Our Team

Make the decision to be EMPOWERED, HEARD, and VALUED where you work.

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