There’s a problem in the mortgage industry today

Unfortunately, too many mortgage corporations operate on the “MUSHROOM MORTGAGE” approach – they keep their employees in the dark and expect them to grow.

Mortgage executives and the companies they run seldom value people over the bottom line. Their lack of transparency and authenticity ultimately leads to a complete loss of trust from their teammates.

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We’ve worked for companies with no integrity, where we were managed to the lowest common denominator, and we know what it feels like when corporations do not seek input from their teammates.

It’s our ethos to foster open and honest communication. We treat our teammates as adults and provide responsible autonomy for them to make good decisions and further their careers.

We believe you should always be cultivating new skills and growing toward your ultimate potential.

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Mortgage Underwriter

Underwrite and help families achieve their dream of homeownership

Loan Production Partner

Learn how to become a Mortgage Advisor

Disclosure Team Manager

Oversee and direct the loan process

Post Closing Analyst

Analyze and improve the loan process

Mortgage Loan Officer

Guide buyers on their journey to financial freedom

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Learn how NEO Home Loans helps create successful homeowners.

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